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You're a small child who has just dropped out school.
You' ve decided to start working in a tabacco field to help your family out.
Write three small paragraphs in order to tell us about your.
Working conditions and your plans for the future.


Hello, my name is ( ton prénom ), I'm ( ton âge ). Since few time, I work in a tabacco firm. My workconditions are so bad. They're also dangerous for my health. I must work all day with lots pesticides ans tabacco. It's worse than if i smoked. I smell a lot of bad things and then I'm sick. That's horrrible. Sometimes, when I'm sick, I can't work and I can't stand. I must stay in my bed. I think it's the worst labor ever. We're exposed all day at lots toxcis products which can make me have a cancer or if
it's not the case, we're sick.
There are a lot of dangers, machines, knifes, etc.
So I can hurt me and there are lots risks. I can fall of the machines which are at thrity metters high. All my body hurts me. Sometimes I can't drink or I can't have any access to the bathroom.
I mork to help my family but I kill myself work*
So to conclude, My work is making me die.



I have just started working in a tobacco firm
My work conditions are not good
I work with a lot of pesticide and tobacco all day
It's even worse than smoking
I often fall sick because i smell a lot of dangerous smoke
We are exposed to a lot of toxic products all throughout the day which can develop a cancer in us or otherwise we fall sick
We are also exposed to a lot of dangerous equipment such as machines and knives
So,i can easily hurt myself and there  are a lot of risks also 
I can even fall from the machines which are thirty metres high
I've got pain all over my body
I work to help my family but it's like killing myself

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