coucou:* répond à ces questions :

-do you download film,watch DVD's,watch films on TV,go to the movies ?

-How often ?

-On TV do you watch more films than other programmes ?

-Do you often talk about movies with your friends ? Are you fan ?

-What kind of film do you like ? Do you have a favourite director ?

-Conclude. Say if you are movie freak or not, or ask your friends to tell you! Merciiiiiiiiiiiii ! please help me :D




Yes, I often (ou always, never, sometimes) download a film, I (pareil, often etc...) watch DVD's and films on TV, and I (pareil...) go to the movies (cinema?).

-On TV, I've watched more films than other programmes, because there is nothing interesting on TV.

-No, I never talk about films with my friends...I am not fan!

-I like horror (comedy, action...) films. Yes, I have a favourite director: he is ...

-I like film but I am not crazy about it. It's just a hobby, it isn't very important for me!