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Youtube: Child labour and tabacco in the U.S.A

You're a small child who has just dropped out school.
You' ve decided to start working in a tabacco field to help your family out.
Write three small paragraphs in order to tell us about your.
Working conditions and your plans for the future.

watch a video in youtube write Child labour and tabacco in the U.S.A
can you help me please


Under the US law, you have to be eighteen to buy a pack of cigarrettes, but in the tobacco farm, you can be tweve years old, even younger.They quite often get sick with vomiting, nausea, headaches, being poisoned by nicotin and pesticides. The US government doesn't even recognized that this work might be so toxic.Children piking all day (from 6am to 6pm) tobacco are exposed to those poisons which can cause cancer, damage their nervous system and can have impacts on reprodudtion.It's even more dangerous when it's wet : they have to wear plastic bags (that they have to buy) but when the heat comes, they feel even worse. Kids still developping are even more vulnerable. In 2012,two third of children under the age of 18, who died from occupation injuries were agricultural workers. They face other dangers like very sharp tools and working machine spreading pesticides even if they work.they face plenty o f other dangers like climbing up the woooden bems from10 to 30 meters high and fall  and die. About0% are hispanic the four leader states are : Virginia, North Carolina, kentucky andTennnesee. none want their chilldren the same job as they do, they are
sometimes ashamed but  they need money.Maby woeh 50 to 60 hours a day
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