Bonjour en anglais on est entrain de voir les mots interrogatifs et il y a un exercice que je ne sais pas faire. Aidez moi svp

-Fais des questions dont les reponses seront :

- In a hotel

-Mr and Mrs Balten

-It was really very expensive

-On or two nights

-I don't know, 3 hours maybe

-of course they we're

-She was 19

-it was 20 pounds

-Because he had some work to do

-Her new red dress probably

-For two weeks

-She had 14 grant children

where did you stay ? Who are your neibors? Did it cost you a lot ou how much was it ou was it expensive? ?How long are you planning to stay? How long did you stay at the airport? Were your parents friends) waiting for you? How old was she? How much did it cost ou how much was it ? Why didn't he came? Do hou have an idea what she will wear this evening? For how long are you leaving? How many grant children did she have? (fai pas gaffe au comment en dessous j'ai fait des fautes de frappe


Where you spend your night ?
who is your neighbors ?
how much was this dress ? 
how much she spent ? 
how long she wait in the airport ?
when she fell from the stairs , how old she was?
it's for sale ! how much it was when you buy it?
where is your father ? why he doesn't come ?
what she will dress? 
how much you will staying here ?
how many grant children she had ?
Tu as pas autre chose que "what she will dress" stp?
where did you spend tht night? Whi are your neighibors ? did it cost uoi a lot? How lond did you stay.