Bonjour pouvez vous m'aider s'il vous plait ?
Exercice 1: Mettre les phrases suivantes sous formes de questions.
1.We took them to school after lunch
2.They were all waiting for the train
3. She refused to take that job;
4. The employees earn only one thousand pounds a month.
5. I used to play chess twice a day.
6.No, It was forbidden.
7. She was only allowed to bring her son.
8. No, you shouldn't accept his offer16. He lost everything he had
9.No, I have never been to the States.
10.We hired it two days ago.
11.She had been living here fore two years.
12.They were quite nice.
13.It was my friend's car.
14.She was talking about her parents.
15.She did nothing when she learnt it.
16.There was nobody at the exhibition.
17.Because I've no time. I wish I could drive you to office tomorrow.
Merci beaucoup :D



1- Should we take them to school after lunch ?
2- What are they waiting ?
3- Does she want this job ?
4 - How much these employees earn per month ?
5-  How long did you play chess ?
6- Do you come with me walking the dog on the beach ?
7- What was she allowed ? (Je ne suis pas sûre pour cette réponse ... )
8- Should I accept his offer ?
9- Have you ever go to the USA ?
10- When did you hire him ?
11- How long has she lived here ?
12- How were they ?
13- What she talks about ?
14- Who owns this car ?
What did she do when she learned it ?
16- Was there people in the exhibition ?
17- Do you want come whith me in this pub ?