1 remmember flynn mcgarry and quinn sullivan?

since then . flynn mcgarry has apprenticed at some of the best restaurants in the usa . quinn sullivan has given concert in canada

what else have the done ? search the internet and tell your classmates about it .............................................,

aide je suis pas tro faut anglais aide my c pour demain jai besoin de vou



Exercice 3 :

Harry Styles was born on 1994, in England.
His father was Des Styles, and his mother Anne Cox, and have divorced on 2001.
He is influenced by Elvis Presley.
Harry start in the group White Eskimo and is the lead singer.
The name of his first album is Up all Night.

Exercice 6 :

1) Where are you born ?
2) When did you start playing tennis ?
3) How many languages ​​do you speak ?
4) Tom plays music with ?
5) What Flynn's mom does not like
6) What is forbidden by law ?