IL Y A 2 EXERCICES! VOUS POUVEZ DÉJÀ RÉPONDRE QU'A 1 SEUL SE SERA DÉJÀ BIEN ;) MERCI: (pour les deux exercices c'est la même consigne)
Transformer les phrases de façon a utiliser un cas possessif:
1- Give me the English book of Mike
- This is the house of the headmaster
- I know the wife of the farmer well
- Did you hear the question of Phill?
- Look at the garden of the Cooks
- The library near the house of the mannings is very big
- It is the meal of your father
- Mr Bryan is taking the friend of his daughter, too
- Was is the idea of your sisters?
- Don't touch the dog of Mrs Tucker!

2- She always talks to the daughter of her friend
- This lady is the mother of Linda
- Mum is washing the sweater of Phil and the blouse of Margaret
- Mr and Mrs Nelson are the parents of John and Kate
- Which is the ring of mummy ?
- Where did you put the dictionnary of Robert?
- We had a drink with the parents of Mike and the grandparents of Helen
- The scarf of Libbie is very dirty
- Give me the balls of the players please
- He is wearing the trousers of his brother!

merci a ceux qui m'auront aider avant 17h10



Meilleure réponse !
1- give me mike's english book
this is the headmaster's house
i know the farmer's house well
did you hear phill's question?
look at the cooks' garden
the library near the mannings' house is very big
it is your father's meal
mr bryan is takiing his daughter's friend too
what is your sisters' idea?
don't touch mrs tucker's dog!
2- she always talks to her friend's daughter
this lady is linda's mother
mum is washingphil's sweater and margaret's blouse
mr and mrs nelson are John and kate's parents
which is mummy's ring
where did you put robert's dictionnary
we had a drink with mike's parents and helen's grandparents
libbie's scarbis very dirty
give me the players' balls please
he is wearing his brother's trousers!!

bon dsl g pas mi la ponctuation et les majuscules