Anglais Svp Voici les reponces il faut trouver les question Merci d avance pour l aide que vous pourrier me donner

He had to come three times

there was one piano in the school

we'll fly to malta

the nearest station is five miles from here

dickens died in 1870

my grandfather has been dead for ten years

she was only 5 foot tall

her husband has lunch at the canteen

i went to the cinema twice last week




how many times he have to come ?

how many piano was in the school?

where are you going ?

where is the nearest station from here ?

when died dickens?

when was your grandfather died ?

how tall is she ?

where her husband had lunch ?

how many times did you went to cinema last week ?


How many times have he come?
How many pianos was in the school?
Where will you travel?
Where's the nearest station?
When did Dickens die?
How long is your grandfather dead?
How tall was she?
Where did her husband have lunch?
How many times did you go to the cinema last week?