Meilleure réponse !
-this is the night club where Ana met George
-14th of February is the day when livers give flowers to there Valentine
- do you know the reason why so many people in the world like Mozart?
- the old man whose car was stolen wasn't paid by the insurance company
- where are the people who ordered the pizza ?
- the woman who interviewed you was the boss
- religious problems where the reason why many people from Europe emigrated to America in the 17th century
- the day when I left Poland was a sunny day
- they arrested the girl who had a stolen jewel in her suitcase
- the day when I started to work in this company was a disaster
- the man who asked me my name was a policeman
- endinburgh is the town where Alexander Graham Bell was born
- he's got two sisters with whom he often goes on holiday
- I've lost a paper which was very important
- this is the church where queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip got married
- the people who moved next door come from irland
- a greengrocer's is the place where you can buy vegetables
- a letter I had received was the reason why i was so sad last Wednesday
- she's the neighbour whose husband is a fireman