3eme fois que jposte ce devoir aide moiii c urgent svp !!
Ces phrases sont a la voix active il faut les mettres a la voix passive.
1.The Court wilm find him guilty. He will ....
2.Students may keep books for three weeks. Books may...
3.They teach Chinese in that school. Chinese....
4.They showed her how to drive a car. She ...
5.They offered him a car for his birthday. He....



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He will be found guilty by the court
The books may be kept by students for three weeks
3 The Chinese is teached in that school
It was shown to her how to drive a car
5 He was offered a car for his birthday
Meilleure réponse !
He will be find guilty by the court
Books may be kept by students for three weeks
Chinese was taught (to them) in that school
She was showed (by them)how to drive a car
he was offered a car (by them) for his birthday

je ne pense que ce qu'il y a entre() soit vraiment nécessaire.....Si oui alors c'est bon je crois
Good luck
pardonhe will be FOUND; chinese IS taught teach verbe irrégulier); she was shown excuse mes fautes de frappe désolé