Quels sont les verbes regulier/irregulier de ces 3 textes :
Texte 1 : The summer holidays
Maybe they went to New York on maybe they went camping.
Richard went to New York . He flew there with his parents, it was very hot
Probitha went to India for a big family wedding . They ate for seven days !

Texte 2 : Pippa and Marcus
Pippa stayed at home in Manchester
She went skate boarding every day
He went camping in France with his family
It rained all the teme

texte 3 : Nathalie's Gap year
Nathalie went to Australia 3 months ago
She slept for 14 hours. she wak up 20 minuts ago
She thought Australia was incredible
She visited the Sydney Opera house . She flew to Cainns and the Great Barrier Reef
Ir was amazing, She didn't see any see any sharks, but there were turtles and whales



Meilleure réponse !


les verbes réguliers sont:

stayed, rained, visited,

Verbes irréguliers:

went, flew, was, ate, slept, Woke up, thought, didn't, see,

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