Bjr a tous c urgent pourriez vous m'aider pour mon devoir maison svp ?
je dois rédigez 80 mots : What can you to be a better student?

tu peux faire sa genre hey will be more good at class hey will always help my friends and hey will never direspecte te teatcher and be a honneste students and friendly
oui mais il faut 80 mots et moi l'anglais sa fait 2 :(
dis moi un truc on français est je te le traduis rapide


Hey will be more good at class hey will always help my friends and hey will nver disrespecte the teacher and be a honneste student and friendly
Meilleure réponse !
Je ne suis pas experte en anglais j'aurais répondu cela :

For being a better student, i'll have to be more organized. For example, i'll need to tidy my room to study in a clean place. I must write all the homeworks I have to do, in this way I won't forget to do them. If I want to stay concentrate, i'll have to turn off my phone and my computer. I also must be silent during the lesson to understand it better. I can help my friends when they have a problem to do an exercise. I can look up in my dictionary to know what's the meaning of the words i do not understand.When I can't see what's written on the board, I can ask if I can draw the curtains or if the teacher can turn on the light.Of course, I will always be respectful with my teacher and the pupils.

Voilà, pas sûre d'avoir fait les 80 mots, mais j'espère t'avoir aidé.

Merci beaucoup tu ma beaucoup aidé
Avec plaisir, j'en suis très heureuse :)