Voilà petit question qui me bloque carrement car je comprend dans le texte personne ne donne vraiment d'argument bref voilà la question et le texte, Merci d'avance a tout le monde qui souhaite m'aider, merci merci merci:

List the arguments of the different actors as regards Madonna’s wish to adopt Mercy.Indicate (between brackets) the actor’s name for each argument. (5pts) you will have to list the arguments for and the arguments against!

Madonna adoption case heard amid paternity dispute By Raphael TenthaniPosted: 08:18 a.m. EDT, May 04, 2009

BLANTYRE, MALAWI – Malawi’s highest court began deliberating on Madonna’sbid to adopt a 3-year-old girl from the southern African country, as a dispute eruptedover whether a man trying to stop the proceedings is the girl’s father.Madonna was not at today’s closed-door hearing at the Malawi Supreme Court ofAppeal, and a ruling may not be announced for several days.The 50-year-old pop star is fighting a lower court’s decision that she cannot adoptChifundo “Mercy” James because she had not been screened over time by Malawiauthorities. The court said the rules were bent when Madonna adopted her sonDavid from Malawi last year.Madonna’s Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula said he was “hopeful” the appealwould succeed, and argued the lower court had relied on outdated law to blockthe girl’s adoption.Madonna found the girl in 2006 at Kondanani Children’s Village, an orphanage inthe southern town of Bvumbwe just south of the commercial capital of Blantyre. Itwas the same year she adopted David, whom she found at another orphanage inthe central Mchinji district.On Sunday, a man told The Associated Press he was the girl’s father, and hassought help from the Malawi Law Society to stop the adoption.James Kambewa, a 24-year-old security guard, acknowledged he has never seenthe child, who according to court documents was placed in the orphanage whenher 14-year-old mother died a few weeks after giving birth to her.But Kambewa said he now wanted to claim custody of Chifundo.“I may be poor, but I think I have what it takes to raise a daughter,” he said. “I willfight the adoption.”The brother of the girl’s mother told the AP the family does not know Kambewa.“How can he claim he is the father when he hasn’t been around all this time?”said Peter Baneti, who explained that the girl was put in the orphanage becausethere was no one to breast-feed the baby.Baneti said he had agreed to the adoption on behalf of the family, and that Kambewawas “just an opportunist.”Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said in an e-mail message she doesn’tknow if Kambewa is the father.“All I know is that Mercy has been in an orphanage since the day she was born,”Rosenberg said.Kambewa, in an interview to be aired today on CBS’ The Early Show, said he hasonly seen the girl “in newspapers and TV — not face to face.” But he told CBSthe girl “is a Malawian — so (I) need her to grow as a Malawian as well with ourculture.”On the show, Kambewa wore a necklace bearing the girl’s name.Madonna has founded a charity, Raising Malawi, that helps feed, educate andprovide medical care for some of Malawi’s more than 1 million orphans, half ofwhom have lost parents to AIDS.© L’Agence de Presse AP.