Remplacer les mots en majuscules par des pronoms personnels:
Put THE BOTTLE on the table.
BRIAN did not come yesterday.
Listen to JAMES.
I sometimes speak to HIS WIFE.
He like BOOKS.
I am going to phone THE DOCTOR.
She told HER MOTHER about it.
Are you interested in MATHS?
I went shopping with AUNT JANE.
MRS HAY is sitting over there with HER SON.
Merci a e qui m'aideront avant 17h30



Meilleure réponse !
1) Put It in the table
2) He did not come yesterday
3) Listen to Him
4) I sometimes speak to Her
5) He likes Them
6) I am going to phone him
7) She told to her about it
8) Are you interested in (ne sais pas)
9) I went shopping with her
10) She is sitting over there with Him

Je pense que c'est bon après à toi de corriger si je me suis trompée quelque part :)

J'espère t'avoir aidé ;)

Bye :D