Bonjour est ce que quelqu'un peut corriger mes fautes s'il vous plait et me dire si je peux dire d'autres choses :) :

1. I get up at 6.30
2. I get dressed at 7 o'clock.
3. I makes my schoolbag.
4. I have à breakfast from ten past 7.
5. After my breakfast, i brush one's teeth.
6. And i take à shower.
7. I leave at home at 7.40
8. I take the bus at 7.50
9. On the way i listen to music and i Speak with Karolin.
10. I work at school from 8.30 to 13 o'clock.
11. At 13 o'clock, I have lunch.
12. After the lunch I wait in the playground.
13. I return at class at
14. I finish work at
15. For go back home I take the train.
16. Often, i Watch Tv.
17. I study and i make my homework at
19. I have a dinner at 7.30.
20. Sometimes I read magazines.
21. And i surf the net during 1 hours.
22. After i go to bed it is generally 22.30.
23. At weekends, i sleep from 11 o'clock.
24. I go out, i meet my friends.



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3. I put my school stuff in my bag.
5. After my breakfast, I brush my teeth.
7. I leave home at 7.40.
9. And I speak with Caroline (grand I)
12. After the lunch, I play in the playground.
14. I finish class at 5 PM.
15. I take the train to come back home.
16. I watch (grand I encore)
17. and I do my homework at 6 PM
19. I go dining at 7.30 PM
21. During one hour.
22. When I go to bed, it is usually 10.30PM
23. At weekends I sleep until 11 AM.

merci beaucoup
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