Bonjours il faut présenter une personne de son choix moi j'ai choisi : Nicki Minaj donc il faut que je la decrie en anglais pour bdemain donc c'est urgent svp il me faut le plus d'informations possible merci en avance

combien de lignes?
euh le plus possible entre 5 est 8 ca serais bien


I choose to describe the famous singer Nicki Minaj. She comes from the island Trinité and Tobago. She rap but she can sing like a pop singer too. Her style is very hard to describe because it changes all the time, but if i could say it in one word, i would say colorful. Her most famous songs are "starship", "Pound the alarm", "Moment for life" and "Fly" with Rihanna, an other famous singer.  It always fun to see her video song because it's different each time.