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to my mother
I am dishonest more irresponsible.
I, like read magazine and listening music.
I am crazy about his dove

I'm fond of candy

According my father I am absent minded more and I dream a lot.

I am polite
as well as easy going

I has a lodes of fun when I am with my

I can not live without my family

tu veux dire quoi par his dove?
les oiseaux
ça se voit que t'as utilisé google traducteur ^^


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According to my mother, I am dishonest and not responsible. I like reading magazines and listening to music. I am crazy about birds. I am fan of candies. According to my father, I am absent minded and I dream a lot. I am polite and easy-going. I have a lot of fun when I spend time with my family, I could not live without them.