Bonjour !
Pouvez vous m'aider svp ?

Choose an existing superhero and describe his outfit. Do not forget to add colours or other distinctive adjectives.
Je voudrais le faire sur Batman ou Spiderman !
Merci pour votre aide ! :)



Meilleure réponse !
Voici un texte sur Batman:
From Bruce Wayne was born Batman. He is the silent guardian who protects Goddam City from villains. 
His appearance looks like a creature of the night, a terrible and giant bat who strike terror into criminal hearts.
He is wearing a black mask with two bat ears. This mask is hiding half of his face so no one can see who he really is.
A long black coat is covering his shoulders and reminds us of bat wings.
He is wearing a dark overall too, close to his body, in order to fight easily.