Exercice : ANGLAIS

Ton ami rentre de vances . Interroge-le et imagine ses réponses .Tu veux savoir ...

1) Ou il est allé et ce qu'il a fait .2) quel temps il a fait .3) ce qu'il a mangé et bu .4) ce qu'il a acheté .5) ce qu'il a vu .



1) Where did you go and what did you do ?
2 ) What was the we athée like ?
3 ) What did you eat and drink ?
4 ) What did you buy ?
5 ) what did you see ?
ok merci
2eme phrase tu t es trompe
ok merci
Meilleure réponse !
1) Where did you go and what did you do?
i went to "la réunion" and i did surfing with two of my friends.

2)How was the weather?
The weather was amazing! It was sunny all the time.

c) What did you eat and drink?
I ate chicken with curry and a lot of fish food too. I drank beer and cocktails sometimes.

d) What did you buy?
I buy two bags and a present for my family. 

e) what did you see?
I saw big moutains, vanilla trees, and a lot of differents birds.