His first name is Jack, it is spell J A C K. His family name is Maurt
He is fourtheen years old. He was born in Paris and he live in Nice.
His date of birthday is on the third of January.
He is tall and slim, he have long brown hair, blue eyes, a little mouth, and a large nose.
He like play video game, and read comics.
He don't like football, and he prefer rugby, and basketball.

He plays the drummer and the piano. 
He has one sister, her name is Cynthia, she is twenty years old. And one brother, his name is Tommy, he is fifteen years old. The name of his mother is Cathy, she is forty years old. The name of his father is Tom, he is forty six years old.
He has two cat, one dog, and turtle.
His favorite films are Star Wars, and Men in Black.