Bonjour a toys, je dois faire un devoir Sur les inconvenient d'etre star, je l'ai redigé mais je suis pas Sur que la conjugaison est Bonne, es CE que quelqu'un pourrait juste me corriger une ou deux phrases,s' Il vous plaît merci d'avoir Lu CE commentaire: Be famous haven't private life due to paparazzi and can be on the front cover of a magazine. They can't go to shopping,drive around,..without a paparazzi or a fan him as cale out to star. Consequently,they have bodyguards. The stars are less present for their family. The have a depression and fall a trap to alcohol,drug. Possibly, they did a commit-suicide. The can be dejected, disheartened,discouraged by the cristiasms. Sometimes. They changed the personality



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Corrigé: When you are famous you can't have a real private lif due to paparazzis and many front covers, pages about you in the magazines. They can't go to shopping, walking around..without paparazzis or fans being next to them. Consenquently, they have bodyguards. The stars don't have enough time for their family. They often fall in depression and have problems with drugs and alcohol.
Possibly, they could commit suicide but it doesn't happen so often. They can be rejected or not loved by their fans. Sometimes they change personalities and become a new person.

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