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7 règles d'obligation: -You have to wear your uniform while cleaning the rooms.
-You have to check if the door is closed before leaving the room.
-You have to clean all the parts of the room even if they're not dirty.
-You have to clean the room before the guests arrive.
-You have to write your name on the paper when you have finished with the room cleaning.
-You have to wait until the guests get out of their room to clean it.

7 règles d'interdiction: -You cannot steal or take any precious items from the room.
-You cannot consume drinks or food from the minibar.
-You cannot use the bathroom while cleaning the room.
-You cannot try on guest's clothes.
-You cannot clean the rooms with your clothes, only uniforms.
-You cannot hide guest's objects.
-You cannot be in the room for more than one hour.

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