Je dois trouver une oeuvre c est a dire un film, un livre, un jeux video, un tableau... Qui es en rapport avec les armes et le decrire, dire pourquoi j ai choisis cette "oeuvre" la et la mettre sur cle usb ou avoir le lien pour que mes camarades de classes puissent voir. Mais tout ca en anglais



Tu peux choisir le film Lord of War (Le Seigneur de guerre).

Lord of War is an american movie directed by Andrew Niccol in 2005. Nicolas Cage plays the hero, Yuri Orlov an Unkrainian-American arm dealer who sold weapons throughout the world for many years. Starting from scratch, Yuri becomes one of the most powerful gunrunner (trafiquant d'armes) in the world, especially after the collapse of the USSR - it was an opportunity for him to have access to millions of weapons and guns for a very low price.

This story is based on true events: Viktor Bout's story and the movie tries to highlight what arms industry really is.