Write about your summer Holiday; INTRODUCTION=When/Where
FACTS: did,went,were,saw,visited,travelled,flew,drove,stayed.....and,but,first,then,after,finally. je suis aller on tunisie avec toutes ma famille au bateaux on n est partit en voitures,on est aller plusieurs fois au restaurant a la plage au marché avec mon frere j ai fait le train qui va super vite apres vous pouvait marque ce que vous voulez



Meilleure réponse !
On my summer holiday, I went to Tunisia with my family by boat.We ate there in many restaurants and we had so much fun in the beach.Me and my brother bought a lot of things at the market.I tried a very fast train,it was an awsome experience.We saw many historic monuments.First,we visited the old medina.The medina was crowded but beautiful and sightseeing.Then,we went to zitouna mosque,it's a original place but it wasn't as intersesting for me as for my family.Finally,we take a look in the museum of arts and popular traditions of the city of Tunis.During our visit to the museum , we had the opportunity to discover several reconstructions of scenes from everyday life: weddings with traditional clothes, tea ceremony ...I love my vacation because I visited a great and interesting city and I enjoyed my time. TADAAAAAA dit moi comment tu le trouve.

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