Biographie de elvis presley question reponce:

7- Where did he live?(Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee,1957. Mumseum for Elvis's frans in 1982)

8-What sort of music did he play?(Rock´n'roll)

9-Did he have a nicknme?( the king )

10-When did be begin his carreer? How old was he?

11-When did he become famous?(2year later,1956)

12-Did He compose his own songs? (no)

13-did he play a musical instrument?(the guitar,the piano,the bass)

14-did he study music?(no)

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7) He lived in Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.
8) He played Rock'n'Roll music.
9) His nickname was the King.
10) He began his career in 1954, he was 19 years old.
11) He became famous 2 years after the beggining of his carrer in 1956.
12) He didn't compose his own songs.
13) He played the bass, the piano and the guitar.
14) He didn't study any music.

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