Biographie de Elvis Presley repondre aux question:

1.When and were was he born?(January 8th,1935/Tupelo,Mississippi)

2.When and where did he die?(August 16th 1977/ Memphis,Tennesse)

3.How did he die?( a heart attack)

4.Where did he grow up? (Memphis,Tennessee)

5.Did he get married?(May 1st,1967 in las vegas, Priscilla Ann Beaulieu)

6.Did he have amy children?( a daughter,Lisa-Marie,February 1st 1968)



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1) He was born on 8th of January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.

2) He died on 16th of August 1977 in Memphis, Tennesse.

3) He died of a heart attack.

4) He grew up in Mempis, Tennessee.

5) He got married with Priscilla Ann Beaulieu on 1st of May, 1967 in Las Vegas.

6) He had a daughter, nammed Lisa-Marie who was born on February 1st 1968

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