Il y a 10 erreurs dans ce texte et je dois les retrouver mais je n'y arrive vraiment pas, pourriez vous m'aider svp?

we strongly advise you to rent this very nice apartment in downtown ottawa. it is quite a big place with four bedrooms which can accommodate up to eight people. The owners, who are away on holiday, welcome families with children but would rather not have any pets in their house. handicapped people won't have any problem getting in and out of the house. children will love the playground and enjoy the swimming pool wich is just one kilometre away. you will find the washing machine, satellite TV and heating system (chauffage) very convenient.
local transport is rather poor, but you will find a car rental agency within walking distance. tourist attractions are near at hand and you practise various sports.
another important detail the owners don't mind smokers



Es que faut préciser les erreurs ou juste dire où ?