Je vais t'inventer une histoire : 

It was a beautiful Summer day , and Emily decided to go to a nearby forest to pick some mushrooms . It was called the Forest of Spirits , and even though people had forbid children to adventure in the forest , Emily still went . 
The outside of the forest showed dark and gloomy trees , but Emily gathered her courage and stepped in . She would remember the following moment as the most amazing in her life . There were beautiful Oak trees and splendid flowers with bees buzzing around and rabbits and deers pranced around happily . And in the middle of all this beauty was an enormous lake who gorged with clear water . Emily liked the Forest of Spirits so much that she came back every time she could . 

Je suis désole mais je vais pas de faire la traduction , ça serait trop long ...
J' espere que ça t'as aidé(e) !