Bonjour j'ai un controle en anglais sur introductions (se présenter et interroger qq) > identié , âge , date et lieu naissance , famille , hobbies , ...
Aidez moi

beh on connais pas ton nom ni rien!!!!
my name is...
i'm...( ton age )
i was born in... i have... ( tu dis si tu as des freres ou soeur) My hobbie are/is...


Meilleure réponse !
What is your name ? My name is ......
How old are you ? I'm...... years old.
When was you born ? I was born on the (chiffre) of (Mois), (année).
Where are you born ? I was born in (ville ex: Paris).
Have you got any sister or brother ? Yes I have (chiffre) sister(s)
                                                    Yes I have (chiffre) brother(s)
No I haven't sister and brother (pas de soeur n'y frère).
What is your hobbies ? I like.... (ex : listening to music, running, dansing, playing football, swimming, playing video game, ect....).

Voila :D