Corriger mes fautes d'orthographe et enrichir ! :)

Next year, I will probably be in Gerald-Godin, studying health science.
I will have to get up early to get to the bus behind my house since the bus passes only two times in the morning.

If I’m lucky, I might even have my license and maybe I'll be driving to school.
I hope I get to accomplish one of my dreams before the end of 2015, by getting a chance to work at "BUREAU EN GROS" before school starts.
All of my friends who are currently in college are really busy with homework and revisions, so in exactly a year I will probably be studying.
At the end of my second semester in college, I don't think I'll make a lot of new friends because people tend to concentrate more on school after high school.
Then I’ll be off to university, hopefully with an amazing R score.
I will probably end up wanting to go McGill University in some pharmaceutical program or maybe even in chemical engineering.
By the age of 25, I hope to officially be finished with school with a professional and certified degree in some science program.
Of course, this will all happen if I get accepted in college next year.





Alors déjà , au lieu décrire Two times écris twice , c mieux .
Autres fautes :
I will be driving , pas I'll be .
I'll probably be wanting , pas I will. 

Et voila , c tout .