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Complete the conversations. Put in the correct form of each verb.
Use the Present Continuous or the Present Simple.

A: Is Janet in, please?B: Yes, but I think (I / think) she's busy at the moment. She's washing (she / wash) her hair.
1. A: _____________(I / think) of buying a new computer.
B: But computers __________ (cost) so much money. What's wrong with the one we've got?
A: ____________(it / get) out of date now.

2. A: Your new trousers __________ (look) nice.

B: Thank you. The trouble is____________ (they / not / fit) properly. __________ (I / not / know) why I bought them, really.

3. A: What ____________ (you / do)?

B: ___________ (I / weigh) this letter . ____________(I / need) to know how many stamps to put on it

4. A: ____________(I / think) this road is really dangerous. Look how fast that lorry _________ (go).

B: ____________(I / agree). People shouldn't go so fast.

5. A: _________ (I / like) musicals. And this is a great show, isn't it? ___________(you / enjoy) it?

B: Yes, I am ____________(I / love) every minute of it

6. A: _____________(I / always / fall) asleep. I just can't keep awake.
B: What time ____________(you / go) to bed?
A: About ten o'clock usually. But_____________ (it / not / make) any difference.

7. A: Could you post the goods to me, please?

B: Yes, certainly.
A: _______________(I / live) at a guest house at the moment as __________ (I / look) for a flat.
So could you send it to my work address?
B: Yes, of course. And you'll have the goods by the end of the week, _________(I / promise).

8. A: Why ____________ (you /want) to change the whole plan?

B: I'm just not happy with it
A: And ___________(I / not /understand) why_____________ (you / be) so difficult about it.



Meilleure réponse !
I'm thinking-cost-it's getting-look-they don't fit-i don't know-what are you doing-i'm weighing-i need-i think-is going-i agree-i like-are you enjoying it-i am loving-i always fall asleep-do you go-it doesn't make-i live-i am looking-i promise-do you want-i don't understand-are you being
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