Bonsoir, pourriez-vous m'aider pour cet exercice svp merci d'avance :)

Read Tessa's postcard to Angela and write the missing words. Use one word only in each space.
We're having a great time here. It's beautiful, and the sun (1) __________shining. Yesterday I went water-skiing! What (2) _____________you think of that? I'm (3) ___________room is fine, but we (4) _______ like the food very much. But it (5) _____________ matter because we (6)____________ out to a
restaurant every evening.
We're both (7) _________very lazy at the moment. I (8) _____________up quite late in the morning, and Nigel (9) _____________ up even later. You know of course how much Nigel's work (10)____________ to him and how he's (11) ___________talking about it. Well, the holiday is so good that he's forgotten all about work. So it’s the perfect holiday. The only problem is that it's (12)_____________ us a lot of money. But we'll worry about that later.



Meilleure réponse !

1) is

2) do

3) ? desoler

4) dont

5) doesn't

6) go

7) still

8) am

9) is

10) means

11) always

12) costing

et voila c bon

Mercii :D
Pour le 3) je propose siting ? Cela peux le faire ?