Écrire 6 questions en anglais pour les camarade de la classe

wat is your favorite subject ?
do you like play video game
*what's your favorite color ? * do you like games ? * what's your favorite sunject at school ? * do you like playing videogames
do you want to be my friend
what you favorite color ?


Meilleure réponse !
What's your name ?
How old are you ?
Where do you come from ?
What's your hobbies ?
What's your favorite music ?
Do you have some brothers or sisters ?
Oh, so, THANK YOU !!
What is your favorite pet ? What your téléphone number ? Do you like candy ? What your favorite movie ? Do you have any brothers or sisters ? What your favorite game ?
*What'S your PHONE number ? What'S your favorite movie
What'S your favorite game
*Naifa* De rien
How old are you ?
where de you come from ?
What's your name ?
What are you like ?
What do you like ?
Do you have any pets ?
Do you have any siblings ?
do you like englhish
A ce propos," where DO you come from ?" :)
did you had good holidays* et carabou : faute de frappe
Où ça ? o.O' "Do you have good holidays ?" n'est pas possible ?