J'y arrive pas trop et c'est un travaille pour la rentrée voila :
-En utilisant les amorces données, mets les phrases suivantes au styles indirect.

* "When is your sister coming?" Pete asked his wife.
* "Where will we go for the weekend ?" Vera asked.
* "How long will we stay at the Davenports' ?" asked Clara.
* "How much did you pay for that suit ?" she asked her husband.
* "What is Jude's family name?" she asked Dave.

* "Come here!" Sally told her dog.
* "Don't bite the postman !" she told the dog.
* "Don't be late tomorrow !" she told the postman.

Voila merciii a ceux qui répondront !!



Meilleure réponse !
-Pete asked his wife when her sister was coming
- Vera asked where they would go during the weekend
- Clara asked how long they would stay at the Davenports
-she asked her husband how much he paid for his suit.
-she's asked Dave what Jude's family name was
-Sally told her dog to come here.
- she told the dog not to bite the postman
- she told the postman not to be late tomorrow