Je dois visiter un paquebot et dois préparer des questions a poser a un employer de ce bateau (sur son métier) ( salaires formation horaires et particularités du métier ) JE NE SAIS PAS QUOI DIRE

combien gagner vous ?
- qu'elle genre d'etude faut-il faire
pour quoi a t-il voulu faire ce metier
qu'elle sont les horaires de travail
qu'elle role a t-il au seins de ce paquebot


Do you like your job?
How much are you paid?
How many days off do you have?
Is your job a dangerous one?
How long have you studied for your job?
Do you have to be a good swimmer?
Do you need to have a first aid diploma?
Is your job one which makes you tired?
How many hours do you work a day?
What do your job requirs to work as a worker of the steamer?
Do you turn stressed because of your job?
Do you have the seasickness?
Is it true that people who work on sea often have rheumatism?
Is your job boring?
How many years do you have to work to become retired?