Internet has become very important because many sites are selling on the internet, many people are working and earning money on the internet, many people have made themselves known through internet. But the Internet has negative aspects such as harassment, theft, hacking ...
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The Internet
Nowadays, the Internet is very important for all of us.
We use it in our daily life. We can use it for a lot of things. Some people use it for their work, students can use Internet for make some research for school,... Thanks to the Internet we can also hold a good contact with our friends, family who we can't see very often for some reason or other. We can also learn some things by ourself if we want it. Good explanations are possible to find on the Internet, it is sufficient to search a little bit and you'll find everything what you were looking for. 
The Internet is very big and it offers you a lot of possibilities. I think that now, people couldn't live without the Internet anymore. 
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