Is there any private life?

Everything depends of your status in the society and your daily habits. 
When someone is famous, a lot of people want to know more about the person. Paparazzi would break the privacy rules and the person wouldn't have a private life. When anyone isn't famous at all, the truth is that other people wouldn't be so interessed by his personal life. But sometimes, even if the person isn't famous, people want to know more about his private life. If this happens the choice has to be taken by the person. He has to make a choice between have a private life or not. Of course, there are exceptions like stalkers. Then, the person couldn't make a choice. 
I think that there is a private life. But not everyone has one. 

Yes, I think there is a private life... In an ordinary life ! If somebody is famous like an actor or a singer, this person hasn't a private life. Paparazzi do their work so they break the rules and follow and spy stars. It's very hard for the popular people but it's their choice and normally they knew that they were going to be followed everywhere ! 
So yes we can have a private if we don't become famous ! 

I hope I helped you ! :)