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  Mrs Freddy Di Stefano,
 Bad Robbie Pizza Restaurant,
 6 Holden Way.                                Mrs/Melle (TU METS TON NOM)
                                                           6 street Brandon. LONDON.

object :in response the announcement for the post of waiter (SERVEUR)or waitress(SERVEUSE).

 in search a job to finance my future restoration studies, i find your advert. My name is ( TU METS TON NOM) and i have 15 years. I'm in college Brian of London renowned for its requirement Clothes and the highest level of london. I am very motivated because studies are very important for me, and I would do pride of my parents who hold even had a restaurant where I spend my childhood servire customers. In addition to serving in the restaurant of my parents, I worked voluntarily at evening deem consideration a Londoner restaurant world.So I know the loom and the importance of holding. Here's my phone number if you wish to contact me 0034567. my most distinguished greetings.