I saw your brother this afternoon. He (…) his hair cut in the new St James street’s hair salon.

1. had been
2. was having
3. has had
4. have had

You wish Elizabeth (…) with us now.

1. were
2. would be
3. should be
4. should to be

A decision will not (…) until your next call.

1. made
2. making
3. be making
4. be made

If I had known you were partying yesterday, I (…) with you.

1. wish to go
2. had gone
3. would have gone
4. could go

We’ll go to the restaurant (…) my next pay cheque.

1. if I got
2. since I will have
3. if I am getting
4. when I get



Was having
be made*
would have gone
if i am getting
Voila bonne chance :)