Merçi de m'aider ex1) je cherche a faire 5 phrase independantes avec un preterit simple et un preterit progressif ex 2) faire 3 phrases me disant le reglement d'une ouverture d'un parc dans ma ville il me faudrait 3 phrase avec des interdit et 3 phrases avec choses autoriser merçi de m'aider;



I looked at the book you were reading.
She was not playing fairly so I told she could not look at the TV.
We are going to the playground but not to play.
If you are having dinner you need to lay the table.
I am going to my friend's house after I clean my room. 

You are not allowed to bring dogs into the park without their lead.
You cannot drink alcohol in the park.
You cannot play frisbee in the park.

You can ride your bike on the bike path.
You can play football between the hours of 10am and 3pm.
You are allowed to picnic.