il faut que je fais un texte de plusieurs ligne en racontent les pouvoirs , défauts , ses habits ses goûts , ses faiblesses.. d'un superhéro gentille ou méchant . 

Years ago when I was a baby I was stolen by an evil man.  He transformed me into who I am today. My powers allow me to kill a man by looking at him with my laser eyes.  I wear special glasses and I can see through people to see the truth.  I work for the government in their special mission department and I use my powers to destroy countries and powerful men.  I want to be good but deep down I am evil.  I don't wear any special clothes, except I always have my bullet proof vest. I have only one weakness, chocolate, when I see, smell or eat I melt!
ça suffit??
mav : ah ouain merci aussi :')
de rien
mes ces qui le héros ? o.O jvois pas ..
Cette à dire - son nom? C'est à toi de trouver un! Je te le décrit seulement -