Résumé du film original King Kong de 1933:

New York, on 1933. Ann Darrow is an artist of music hall whose career was broken clear by the Depression. Finding itself unemployed nor resources, the young woman meets the audacious explorer-director Carl Denham and is allowed pull by him in the most precarious of the adventures... The latter stole to his producers the negative of its unfinished movie. He has only a few hours to find a new star and embark her for Singapore with his scriptwriter, Jack Driscoll, and a reduced team. Admitted objective: finish under these distant heavens his brilliant action movie. But Denham feeds in secret another ambition, crazier: be the first man to explore mysterious Skull Island and to return it images. On this island of legend, Denham knows that "something" waits for him, who will change for ever the course of its life...

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