Qui peut me resumer money for nothing pour l'histoire des arts demain

Desolée mais je ne comprends pas - est ce que tu parles de la chanson - "Money for Nothing". Je ne vois pas le lien avec l'histoire de l'art!
oui je parle de ca


Comme ca:
The song "Money for Nothing" was written by the band Dire Straights in 1985.  It is a popular song from their album Brother in Arms. It is one of the most well known songs from this English rock band.  The lyrics were controversial at the time.  The lyrics are telling a story about a working class man watching music videos.  He works in a store that sells televisions, kitchen appliances and kitchens. Mark Knopfler who wrote the  song actually observed a guy in a store and uses the man's words in the lyrics.  The video first came out in Europe in 1987, with Sting singing "I want my MTV" which was a very popular music video programme.

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