The description of the rabbit
whiskers rabbits used their hands. And when the ears of rabbits in his back that
mean they are quiet. When you catch rabbits by their ears and when touched
it gives them electricity. Rabbits lose a lot of hair in the summer.
Food for rabbits
Rabbits eat carrots, corn, barley, wheat, salad, hard bread and grass.
They rarely drink. They just water in plants.
How do rabbits travel?
Rabbits move in small jumps, but when they are in danger, they can run at 38 km / h making great leaps.
Where rabbits live?
Rabbits live everywhere in France except in the mountains over 1400 m altitude.

Inside the burrow:
Rabbits dig corridors coutournant stones or roots. Several rabbits using the same burrow. They expand to As. Rabbits dig their burrows in the soft earth, and they will often hide inside.