urgent c est pour demain

pouvez vous me corriger mes faute
How are you ?
have you pass good holiday ?
am went to the seaside or i spend nice holiday . The sky is blue but
there is not cloud. there are not of people because the water was more or
moin hot . i do very varied activitiés ; bike , swimming . i have visited the city
but i did not visited the museum



How are you? Did you spend nice holidays (have you enjoyed your holidays)? Yes I did (ou yes I have), I went to the seaside. The sky was blue without any clouds. There weren't many people because the water was very (really) fresh (was cold). I did all kinds of activities like biking, swimming, visiting the city, but I didn't go to the museum (s)
j ai déjà lu ton texte
je sais je croyais que ma réponse avait été annulée; merci de m'avoir bine notée
Meilleure réponse !
How are you ?
Did you spend nice holidays ?
I went to the seaside . The sky was blue but there weren't cloud.There weren't lot of people because the water was quite fresh . I did many activities like ride a bike , swim... I visited the city but I didn't go to the museum.

voilà :)
Did you have a nice holiday or did you spend a nice holiday? Water is not fresh - it is cold. Water is cool when you drink it. It is fresh if it has just been poured. There were't clouds - is not English. Il faut dire - there weren't any clouds. Il faut beaucoup plus d'articles, il en manque pas mal... a nice holiday, a lot of people. Nathea's, en fait, est mieux en grammaire...desolée
merci Ballydugan !!! ça fait toujours plaisir; bonne fin de soirée
the truth!
isn"it??? lol !!!