Urgent c est pour demain pouvez vous me corriger mes faute
How are you ?
have you pass good holiday ?
i am went to the seaside or i spend nice holiday . The sky is blue but there is no cloud. there not of people because the water was more or moin hot . i do very varied activitiés ; bike . i have visited the city but i did not visited the museum



Did you have nice holidays .
I went to the seaside and I enjoyed my holidays
The weather was very nice. It was shinning and there ware no clouds
There was not a lot of people because the water was not very hot
I did a lot of different activities like biking and  swimming
I visited the city and particularly the museum
Meilleure réponse !
How are you? Have you enjoyed your holidays ? Yes I have, I went to the sea side, the sky was blue without any clouds. There weren't many people because the water was really fresh ( was cold). I did a lot of activities (a lot of things) like biking, visiting the city but I didn't go to the museum.

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