When will you call me?
I remember when I fall
Jsais plus la derniere desolé x)
mets tes commentaires en réponses (when I fell); I was happy when I saw you
Maria, écris ta réponse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I don't know when they will come

I 'll read this book when i have time

When will you buy a car ?

I 'll buy a car when i have my driving licence

I will come tonight when I will have finished my homework
When is he going to call us?
You will be allowed to go out when you will have tidiied up your room
We will see you when you will come back
When will they understand that we are waiting for them?
I will go to the beach when it will be sunny
We will invite you for diner when you will have time
I will go on holidays when I will have enough money