Write a paragraph about how the internet has changed people's lives since 1991. Use these questions :

- what do you and people you know use the internet fo?
- how do you think people did these things before 1991? Give some exemples
- do you think there are things you can do on the internet that people couldn't do at all in the past? Give some exemples
- do you think internet and web have improved people's lives ? Why / why not?

thank you



If people are using internet, it's in order to live simpler. Indeed, Internet had facilitated the emergence of several work and system such as bank accounts on internet for example. 
People moved more than today. Because internet enabled to stay at home although before We Were Obliged to move, at the bank for example.
Internet has made our lives easier. But we must not talk about improvement because many of us say that life was better before.

[je comprends pas la deuxieme question]