bonjour j ai une carte postale a faire sur mes vacance et je dois mettre 2 phrase négative et affirmative et 1 interrogative
merci d avantage

D'accord, et tu dois l'écrire a qui? Un professeur? Un(e) ami(e)? Un(e) proche?
We have arrived safely in Brighton. The trip over was horrible. There was nothing to drink on the boat and I felt sick. The family I am staying with are really nice. I have my own bedroom with a TV. Did our dog have the puppies?
a un professeur
Enlever la dernier phrase si ce n'est pas pour tes parents!


Meilleure réponse !
Good morning,
The last summer, I and my family we went far as Marseille. My family was happy but, not me. I don't like this city, because there are excess of people! I prefer the campaign. With the school, shall we can going at campaign? 
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Je pense que ça pourrait t'aider