Bonjour je n'arrive pas à "trouver" les bons mots.

Un ami te parle et tu n'entends pas la partie écrite en majuscule : quelle question vas-tu lui poser?

1.We have dinner at SEVEN THIRTY.
2.I have THREE classes in the morning.
3.I WATCH TV after dinner.
4.I don't like JOHN'S SISTER.
5.My father works with JOHN'S FATHER.
6.She does her homework IN THE KITCHEN.
7.My brother plays videogames for TWO HOURS.
8.My mother goes horseriding on SUNDAYS.
9.My father goes to work by TRAIN.
10.Tom looks after HIS LITTLE SISTER on Friday nights.



1) When (At  what time)do you have diner?
2) How many classes do you have in the morning?
3) What do you do after diner?
4) Who don't you like?
5) Who does your father works with?
6) Where does she do her homework?
7) How long does your brother play videogames for ?
8) When does your mother go horseriding?
9) How does your father go to work?
10) Who tom does look after on Friday nights?
pardon 5) who does your father work pas workS with
désolé j'avais pas vu que tu avais posté ton devoir plusieurs fois et j'ai cru que l'on m'avait supprimé....